VIA Marketplace

A Distributed Inspection & Audit Network to Connect Government and Private Industry

Abstract (Second Edition)

The second edition details the needs of a blockchain protocol in Compliance Management across numerous verticals. Compliance Management is a complex and important part of the corporate governance and regulatory process, impacting both government and private industry worldwide. As the world increasingly becomes a connected global marketplace, compliance certification and standardisation are becoming more prevalent as part of mitigating risk, improving trade, and ensuring public safety.

The VIA Protocol & Marketplace brings a newfound approach to the ability of regulators, software providers and private organizations to share data with easy-to-use toolkits and interfaces, all on a singular protocol within a distributed network. The Verification, Inspection and Audit (VIA) blockchain solution from HealthSpace is made up of two distinct components: The VIA protocol – a robust mechanism for the capture and validation of compliance data for regulatory and standardisation purposes The VIA data marketplace – an aggregated data marketplace of verified quality data from both government and private industry, for the furtherance of compliance best practice, regulatory management & risk mitigation.

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