Who uses HSCloudSuite?

Trusted by over 300+ states, provinces, counties and municipalities, HealthSpace is used to protect and save lives.
Restaurant & Hospitality
Take control and protect your brand by utilizing our platform's customizability and actionable data insights.
From seed, production to consumption, HSCloudSuite is the solution for agriculture, high-tech cannabis and viticulture.

HealthSpace Cloud

Cloud based portal for managing apps, licensing, permits and other business and compliance data.

Customization to suit your organization’s specific needs is simple.
HealthSpace Cloud brings all of your data into a single, easy-to-use web browser-based interface.

Your Data, Your Way

From rapid processing and approval of inspection reports to quickly creating, granting and printing permits, if you need speed and flexibility in your data management you’re going to love HealthSpace Cloud. Any user in your organization can make use of data in the way that best suits their role and use case. And our intuitive interface ensures that you won’t need to call in a development team to get it done.

Your Tasks, At A Glance

Whether you’re making the jump from paper or laptop-based inspection reporting, you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to enter data in HealthSpace Touch. You’ll have access to all the codes, regulations and violation reporting tools you need within a couple of taps.

HealthSpace Touch

Conduct paperless field inspections from any place, at any time with our intuitive suite of native apps for iPad, Android and Windows.

HealthSpace Touch can be configured to suit any type of licensing or inspection requirements.
Offline Use
Once you’re back in Wi-Fi or mobile range, your data will sync automatically.

Visual Evidence, Every Time

HealthSpace Touch uses the iPad or Android tablet’s built-in camera to take high-resolution photos, which are then attached directly to the inspection report. This “one device” approach ensures that every inspector has the ability to capture visual evidence at all times.

Securely Sync Data

If your inspections take you away from internet access, don’t worry. HealthSpace Touch will store all recorded data until the device is reconnected to the internet. As your data is only as secure as your connection, agencies with high security needs can enforce VPN or local office connections as needed.

HealthSpace Data

An environmental health reporting, analytics and monitoring platform. HealthSpace Data is a robust platform that turns information overload into useful, actionable insights.

Monitor Organizational Activity
With simple customizable dashboards, you can view activity and data from multiple locations to better inform decisions.
Advanced Data 
Data overload is never helpful if it does not make sense, perform advanced data analytics to fully understand what it means.
Simple Data 
With our simple cloud based web-app, it’s simple to enter data and keep your organization up to date.