From seed, production to consumption, HealthSpace CS Pro is the solution for agriculture, high-tech cannabis and viticulture.

Business and regulatory management for agriculture, high-tech cannabis and viticulture

Manage business licensing and general information for multiple locations.
Customer Experience
Track and manage all parts of your business to ensure safety and compliance.
Inspection and Auditing
Create unique queries and reports for maintaining compliance and brand integrity.

Crop to consumption

Being able to track and manage your production and supply chain helps you lower costs and ensures that you are able to respond to health and safety concerns before they become an issue.

High-Tech Cannabis

With all eyes on the emerging cannabis industry, it is important to ensure that you are able to comply with regulatory requirements. Whether you are cultivating, processing or dispensing, HealthSpace CS Pro manages internal auditing, licensing and inspection of all business areas.

Comply with regulatory requirements
With our government relationships, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.
Internal auditing
Maintain quality and regulatory compliance with our simple and easy-to- use auditing platform.
Manage your operation
Understand what is going on with advanced data analytics and customizable overviews of any part of your organization's operations.

Backed up by the government

Over 300+ government agencies in US and Canada use HealthSpace CS Pro to protect and save lives. Using our platform means that you keep up with health, safety and monitoring government regulations.