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Every day, hundreds of government public health, agriculture, commerce agencies and commercial enterprises use our software to make informed decisions that impact performance, profitability and save lives.

Trusted by over 300+ states, provinces, counties and municipalities, HealthSpace is used to protect and save lives.
Restaurant & Hospitality
Take control and protect your brand by utilizing our platform's customizability and actionable data insights.
From seed, production to consumption, HealthSpace CS Pro is the solution for agriculture and viticulture.


Our product: HSCloudSuite is a platform that combines inspections, reporting, management and data through our three touchpoints.

HealthSpace Cloud

HealthSpace Touch

HealthSpace Data

Hear from some of our happy customers

We're proud to serve 300+ government and public health agencies as well as private sector companies. Here’s what some of them have to say about us.

Healthspace has met every one of our requirements on time and with great products. Our professional staff and our clients are fully satisfied.
Patricia Lemay
Director, P.H.B. Health Canada
It's amazing how quick HealthSpace can produce a module to meet our needs. This is most appreciated by all with the Health Canada Public Health Bureau. Again, Steve THANKS for the great job.
Gus Skinner
Public Health Agency of Canada
I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the Healthspace system. This is our first computer program for inspections and I have found the program to be easy to use.
Brenda Ashworth
Environmental Health Specialist